Can Artists Add Value to the World Economy?

Yes, it is possible, but the artists have to prepare themselves for the challenge.

Well, that's what I think. I have prepared myself for the challenge. Please read my press release if you have not.

My goal has always been to establish myself as an artist and writer. I have been exposed to galleries in the past, and I also know that some artists write, or some writers make art. My take on writing is that if it was a memoir that was written, it will last past 500 years, without apologies. It will help to sell the art.

My preoccupation is to become better than those who were before me. I also know that some people will become better than how I try to be for myself and those who believe in me, and I also see that as a good thing.

For now, I hope, with your encouragement, I want to become The Billion Dollar Artist for financial companies to profit from.

If I don't get the encouragement, I will eat a pound of raw, unshelled pumpkin seeds and you won't see me for a week.

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