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Artists &
Would-Be Artists

Sorry for any errors on the tips & how to pages. I'm doing this fast.

Art is unregulated, global and portable and how I came up with the set of ideas

Art is unregulated, which means you can legally price one art piece for $1 and another similar piece for $1,000 or more within the same day. Art is also global and there are collectors all over the world. I'm not Greek, but there are Greeks in America. If the country of Greece needs money, and there are Greek artists, there would be Greeks, and others, all over the world who will collect art by Greek artists. Art is portable, so we can deliver our works anywhere in the world, unlike a house, where the buyer has to be taken to the house.

Returning to the unregulated pricing opportunity, I wondered what would make the price attractive to investors and art collectors. It came to my mind that we can increase our prices exponentially. Here are two examples, one starting at $10 and another starting at $100,000.

$10 > $20 > $40 > $80 > $160 > $320 > $640 > $1,280 > $2,560 > $5,120 > $10,240 > $20,480 > $40,960.

$100,000 > $200,000 > $400,000 > $800,000 > $1,600,000 > $3,200,000 > $6,400,000 > $12,800,000 > $25,600,000 > $51,200,000. I will stop at $51,200,000 because at the auction houses, Picassos and Warhols have been realistically sold at this price, so this can be reached, even if only a few of us are able to reach it.

As you can see, even if you only start at $10, you still have the potential to reach $40,960.

The main reason why I stick to the doubling of the prices, is that we should support the later investors. They should not be penalized with slower increase, just because they came later in investing in us. The later they come in, the more support they should get. I'm also assuming that people and companies who can afford higher prices would also have contacts who can affort to pay even higher prices. This is also the reason why it follows that we should all support everyone who will have different capacities. Artists communicating only with artists isn't enough anymore. Everyone is used to galleries separating artists and investors and collectors, we're trying a more challenging business approach, we need to become more predictable, and communication and commitment is necessary.

It occurred to me that investors should be able to trade and give discounts to fellow investors, and they can only do that if the increase is substantial. This is not about the artists profiting from everyone else. The investors should have enough area and space to profit.

I'm hoping that we will all produce an initial price range that will get investors and collectors started. Then we will have an acceleration of demand, as higher prices are reached. Then the sale will slow down at a comfortable level.

In my mind, I was thinking that a simple declaration of this increasing pricing plan matched with set quantities per price point, can be enough to be noticed by investors and art collectors. The declaration can be art itself, and even scammers can do it and be noticed.

Publishing full-length memoirs, essays on art, biographies and art books can be the next step, and can help investors decide and seal the deal.

You might want to know a few important business principles that I read early on

I read way back that books on sale at the bookstores are like strategically placed business cards. Because not everyone has written nor published a book, those with books on their professions become the preferred public speakers that related companies invite to their conferences. If we write books about our artistic life, although our goals may not be to become speakers, we are giving our art a better chance to be noticed and acquired.

There is also the principle of triangulation. In our minds, an image of a triangle feels more stable than an image of a line. A triangle has three points, while a line has two. In the above example, companies prefer a published public speaker more than one who does not have a book. The companies would even pay the published speaker more and even allow the audience to line up in the back so they can purchase an autographed book by the invited speaker. All this adds value and mystique to everything.

A line can be your art connecting to an investor. The investor acquires you only on the merit of your art, which must really be good. On the other hand, pretend you got in the news for your art. That becomes like a triangle, where the investor purchases your art, not only because of your good work, but also because you got in the news. Not every artist can get in the news.

A book is a more permanent anchor for triangulation, because books are more permanent than a brochure or a postcard. As your imaginary triangles increase, you can imagine a multifaceted crystal of triangles forming. For example, having more than one memoir, or having a few art books, plus an inreasing number of articles about yourself gives everyone the perception of more and more stable triangles. This is also why I'm encouraging everyone to allow investors and art collectors to include the same art works in investor and art collector art books and memoirs. Repetition of the art piece in more than one book can help because it's almost effortless if others do it.

Do you get the feeling that your first book is only the beginning of something greater?

Have you ever read articles like this one?

Once in a while, we read about articles on art asking will there ever be an art bubble? If this succeeds, we might successfully witness the creation of an art bubble. It sounds bad AND funny at the same time. A lot of have been called desperate and starving. This may be true. It would be good to finally create a bubble because this would mean we finally can afford to buy a new car. There will be early birds and latecomers. Because art prices are not regulated, art can probably sustain a bubble that would not burst. When we feel that, as individual artists, we should stop production, we probably should. Remember too that all of our art pieces do not need to keep circulating like stocks and real estate. There are art collectors who collect to keep, we artists can stop production, and there are investors who will acquire 10, for example, and keep 5 for their families, and only recirculate 5.

We are also encouraging everyone to only purchase within their budgets. Some investors and collectors can only afford $10 per art piece. That is good. You must keep in mind that your commitment is to your art, yourself, your investors, your art collectors and the future, which means that even art that sold for $1 has to be published.

Would you like to turn in your graves?

Here is how to turn in your grave: if you get lazy and decide not to publish all of your works, you are letting future scammers to make your art. I have seen how easy some artists' styles can be faked. As an artist, you know that to be true. Become known for publishing all of your works and you will have more investors and art collectors supporting you.

Use This Site and #valzubiriagenda

I'm working to add new features and functionalities on this site. The site has a database and I'm currently the only one working on it. I've been programming since 1998. My suggestion is use, use this website together with your other websites, youtube video channels, instagram, twitter, blogs, etc. The way to be found by the rest of the world is to use #valzubiriagenda so people who search for the hashtag will find you as well.

My challenge is that I'm pressed to become an example for everyone. I'm also worried about attracting others, including investors and book publishing talent for everyone, so forgive me for using additional pages at the moment. I will be giving everyone additional pages they can work on.

I also have the added problem of renting a warehouse that can accommodate meetings, computers and as many local artists as I can. I also hope to have the right collection of software that writers and graphic artists can use to produce books for everyone not just nearby but all over the world.

Is your art fast or slow to produce?

Some of us have difficult, time-consuming art. If a book can contain 100 art pieces, and your art takes time to produce, you can do a few things. First, you can join a collaborative art book, or start your own book with several artists. Second, you can be more visibly vocal about promising that the works will appear in future art books. Third, you can allow investors and art collectors to include your works in their own art books.

My art is slow to produce. I'm proposing to add even more elements to my art. I make porcelain dolls, but I want to make dioramas that would include precious metals and gemstones. I also want to include more than one porcelain doll in each diorama. I can draw nude figures on an 18" x 24" watercolor paper in less than 5 minutes, but I like making the dolls. I promise to include all of my works in art books. This means that I will end up with at least 10 art books, but each book will be slow to produce. It's the nature of the art. I always tell people, some artists can tear up paper, photograph and title the pieces, and publish a book on it, and I will still highly respect the works, because that's just the nature of their art.

Some artists are already successful writers, but...

There are artists out there who have succeeded as novelists, but it seems that their success in writing did not carry over to success in art. This is why I'm encouraging everyone to write art-related memoirs, essays and biographies AND publish art books.

The most crucial thing you should prepare for

Another reason why it took me a while to produce my books, and promote all this, is that writing about oneself is mental torture. The best stories are usually the most tragic. Be prepared for mental torture, and always expect it as part of the process. I should warn you that you might take out your frustration on others and yourself. You might feel inadequate. The secret to overcoming this mental torture is to relax and know that all of us are going through it. Let other people give up on their writing and publishing efforts. If you experience the torture, welcome yourself to our club. Take your time. Rush when you can and rest when you need to.

Do you know what begins and ends with us artists?

It is us and what we commit ourselves to doing. Everyone else, including investors, art collectors, writers, editors, book designers and many others, would not be able to move forward without us and our decision to move forward. Everyone else depends on us, so we must become responsible. We should deliver.

The most important lesson I learned from filmmaking school

I attended the Dov Simens 2-Day Filmmaking School. Yes, I endorse it and encourage you to take it. Here is one of his more memorable lessons.

Learn to rephrase yourself. There is a difference between a filmmaker and a movie producer. The first one sounds like a starving student, while the other one sounds like money just comes naturally to him or her.

Dov Simens said that as soon as you have a book in your mind, you are in the process of developing it. The actual writing is only part of the process. As soon as you are thinking about your book, then you can tell everyone that "You have a book in development." When you are working on more than one book idea, with some of them on index cards, and some already being in a document in your laptop, and some on Post-It notes stuck on your wall, then "You have several books in various stages of development."

How to keep on going

Find ways to motivate yourself. Look at YouTube videos on overcoming procrastination and finding ways to keep your drive and interest.

You may have read that famous, established authors still need emotional and moral support from their agents, publishers and editors. This is true, and they will give it to their authors, because their salaries depend on the authors they represent. We have to be tougher because we are self-publishers.

One of the harshest comments you can receive

Actually, there are a few. One is, "Oh you want to come up with a bestselling book about yourself?"

"You must have an interesting life that you can come up with a full book about yourself."

"How can you write your memoir? You're not old enough!"

"How can you write a book? You can't even spell!"

"How can you write a book? You have a mental condition!"

You'll hear this once in a while. I and the artists I have helped have heard these. When you hear these, be happy and celebrate. Welcome to the club. Don't get mad. They will get mad as soon as you show them you have a book published. You can also call yourself an author if you produce an art book of your works. Joke's on them.

As you begin to start writing, you will notice and begin to appreciate that comments have double meanings. These people who make comments that seem to belittle you are actually providing topics to include in your book. When you write memoirs, you write about both good and bad things. Learn to appreciate these people, make sure you keep them around, and make sure you don't correct their behavior nor get mad at them. They are seriously good source material.

What will save you from naysayers

We are not writing and publishing to sell our books. We are writing to sell our art. Anyone who comments or even asks about how much money we have made from our books is obviously misinformed.

I have been attending publishing and writing conventions and seminars since the mid-90s, not counting all the earlier how to write and get published books that I have read even before that.

The publishing industry is like the music industry. A famous publishing company will advance money to 20 writers with the hope that at least one writer will succeed and make enough money for them to recoup the cash advances. The same happens in the music industry. The music company will advance money and produce music cds, concerts, merchandise and other products, hoping that one artist will succeed enough to recoup their total outlay of money and effort.

Our goal is to provide art and our life stories and views not only for the current investors and art collectors, but for investors and art collectors 300-3000 years from now. We are better off than bestselling authors and musicians, because we will not get dumped by others if our products don't sell in a week. This will save you from naysayers, including your own mind. Look forward to and worry about 300 to 3000 years from now. I have always put that in my mind. As such, I don't care about any sales of my books right now, I have been able to write four memoirs, and I actually have half of a book-length memoir in my laptop, and five other memoirs and book ideas I am slowly writing. If I cared about making a sale from the books, I would be spending time promoting my finished books. Just imagine, some authors get an advance of $5,000. When they get published, they hope the sale is substantial, enough for them to write another book. We can sell one piece of art for $5,000 and sell another the next day. Both writing and visual art are legitimate pursuits. It's just that these two different beasts have different natures.

Talk only to yourself &
listen only to yourself

When I came up with this idea of writing full-length books about myself, I never told anyone, especially not my dad. Remind yourself that art is your chosen career.

Don't waste your creative energy telling people what you are up to, unless it is your supportive circle in our #valzubiriagenda movement. Brain surgeons don't tell people at home, their parents and their friends their thoughts, stories and decisions related to that open skull they were working on.

Supporting the starving artist

This website is like a mall. Everyone can come in, pick and choose, shop and use the facilities. If someone becomes destructive, then a security officer will ask that person to leave. We want everyone to be helped. If you feel that you're stable enough as an artist, then you have the luxury of not using this website. We all hope you would, however. If you remember being called a desperate, starving artist, be here. Support those who are currently desperate and starving, and in the process, bring your friends, galleries, investors and art collectors here with you.

Be on the lookout for cafes, office walls and empty store spaces

There are places and people in your neighborhood that can accommodate our mission. The page on publishing books, for example, will expand your responsibilities, from just writing to publishing and promoting your books. The same will be for your art. Make your art and book projects an excuse to reach out and help others, and make new, useful contacts. There are empty storefronts who will want to see if #valzubiriagenda will make money to sustain a monthly rental. The last cafe owner I talked to told me that he has envisioned exhibiting and getting rich from an artist who suddenly becomes world famous. You would not know people if you don't go out of your way to meet them.

Use blogs and other websites

If you are using other websites, then use this websites to get your potential investors and collectors to them. Your profile page will have links.

Use #valzubiriagenda to be found

It took me a long time to come up with a keyword that Google can find. I can't think of anything unique, so just use my name. However, know that I'm not responsible for anything. Let others know that too.

Your current asking price does not change

If you're an established artist, your current asking price will not change. If you decide to announce future higher prices, you are basing it on your current asking price.

We're hoping people reserve or acquire your works sooner if you make announcement of future plans.

I stopped caring about selling anything for a while

You have to see your name in a book, if you haven't. Write or ask someone to write your memoir, artistic essays, biography and publish your art book. Join a collaboration. You will feel different after seeing your book in print. Your self-worth, self-image, self-respect, etc. will be elevated. You will plateau, and revel in your accomplishment for a while, so much so that you won't feel the need to sell anything for a good period of time.

100% effort in Art +
100% effort in Publishing
= 1,000,000% improvement

Other people's perception of you will change. Your own perception of yourself will change. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Always find ways to One-Up the competition

If you contract with 5 writers, for example, you can come up with 5 books about you by other writers, all at the same time.

You can describe different periods in your life to come up with books that have varying settings, times, and messages.

Another way to one-up the competition

Join as many collaborative books, with multiple artists, as you can.

You can also publish your own books, and invite other artists, investors and art collectors to participate.

What will make you an interesting read?

I hope you will discover and develop your own writing secrets. Here are a few:

Use your life as a vehicle for other people to learn from. People read not to learn about you, but to learn about themselves. They want your mistakes so they would not have to do it. They want your secrets and triumphs so they can learn from them and use them in their own lives.

What artists should learn from writers

I used to hate going to galleries because my works weren't there. I also had this misconception that my art might get influenced by what I looked at.

Writers are known to read other people's works. On book covers, we can see writers praising other writers. We artists should have that same attitude. We should view other people's art AND read other people's works.

Snowball the demand for your art

Introduce yourself to investors. Look for investors outside of what this website has. The art commission are contracts which investors can resell. The provisions and conditions that you have in the contract should be the ones you can deliver and should also include the incentives that you are agreeable with. For example, you might want to include your future price schedule, promise your scarcity and promise to include the future work in at least one future art book.

Be willing to barter your art for other services

If you cannot write, then contract with writers. Some of them are out of work, and have the time for you. Show concern and respect. If they feel they should get ten of your works, learn to either gracefully agree or politely disagree and move on. I've seen people mock others when they didn't get their way. To me it was funny, because I wasn't involved. The one who got insulted remembers it to this day.

Dictate your conditions or follow the requirements of others

Respect each other's requirements for collaboration. Some writers for example have proven skills and published works, while some don't. Some published writers may even be more successful than other writers. It's all relative.

Face your demons

I once met an artist who claimed to have thousands of pages of writing. However he said they were for his therapy, and were not meant to be shared. He glared at me like I was the crazy, intrusive one, so I walked away. My final suggestion is, don't nip your own self in the bud. duh.

There was another one I encountered. He said he cannot participate in anything related to the internet. He cannot get himself to register.

Something is wrong here. It's not them, it's me.