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Suggest / Join a Group Book Collaboration
Artists, investors and art collectors can come up with your own full-length books, but collaborations can be produced faster and sooner. This is open to everyone, who wants to take charge and/or participate, including anyone who wants to publish and produce for artists and investors. Whoever takes charges sets the rules, just be clear of your conditions. If you cannot be included in someone or a group's book project, then set your own rules, produce your own book and organize people including those who will help you.
Note: Everyone is encouraged to be as open or as exclusive as they want. Please respect the vision of the leaders/producers/publishers. If your book project already has a complete group of participants, there is no need to list your project here. Please be honest when providing information. While none of us can fully investigate the accuracy of information anyone provides, your fellow participants can flag you later or talk about you in a negative way on the internet. All publishers reserve the right to revise books and ebooks and remove participants at any time in the future even after the publication of the book. Be careful of scams.
Can you produce books?
Suggest one or a few book projects if you have the ability to do so. You will see your books and your contacts on your profile page. They will see your contact information only when you respond. Note: You will become your own publisher and will be responsible for all expenses incurred. Do not involve people if you do not have the ability to deliver. Your publication will be based in your country.
Hi there! Feel free to look around.
REVIEW BEFORE SUBMITTING. Please check the information that you are about to submit. If you need to revise, please revise the form below this section. If you are ready to list your book project, you can click the "LIST BOOK PROJECT" button below.
Book proposed by:
If you want to participate, get yourself listed.
Book title (tentative):
Book description:
Who wants to participate
as artists:

Who wants to participate as
producers, writers, photographers
collectors,investors, etc.:

My conditions:
Book proposed by:     
Use this form if you want to lead a book project. Tell your fees now, or barter. Do not surprise participants with fees later.