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Coming Soon &
Some Pointers

Stuff I'm Working On

RIGHT NOW is the "Wait and See Stage" until a considerable group of people or one or a few financial companies approve this idea for themselves and finally say "Okay, who should we substantially invest in first?" It doesn't have to be me.

Currently, I'm giving "first dibs" to financial planners, letting them know that this website and the idea is available and might become profitable. Also, some states are unadmittedly bankrupt. I am hoping to make a presentation to a state legislative body to tell them that art priced in an exponential way might help them grow their income. Government funds are actually reinvested through private financial institutions.

I recently spoke with a few big bank executives, and they confirmed that the banking / financial industry needs an influx of money. Although the old systems work, they could use new assets and new money from elsewhere. Art is unregulated. The same art piece can initially sell for $1 and eventually reach $1,000,000. This is within legal limits and such an accomplishment will earn you praise. You can't do that with stocks and real estate. You can't sell a stock valued at $50 for $50,000 on the same day; you'll get in trouble.

I also suggest a financial company would already have a "Rolodex" of wealthy contacts they can call and resell to. I suggest that they just need a few really convincing marketing and sales people and that extra, unused office right next door.


Register NOW because of the timestamp and order in the database

This website is secure and will not ask you for money. What you should consider is that the database builds up based on the time you register. I envision coming up with lists or even a series of books which will honor who got here first, and these lists and books will be based on when you registered. If you're just here to make money as a referrer, if you decide to reclassify yourself, your timestamp in the database will not change.







Spend within limits. Support the starving artist. Support the would-be artist who used to be a soldier and is now homebound. Support artists who are also cancer survivors. Support the LGBTQ artists. God and other good forces know our art-related efforts and appreciate what our hearts connect to.

Know that I'm always improving the site. There will be better sites in the future. I'm encouraging everyone to come up with your own sites. The way to be found is by including a common, main hashtag. The best hashtag I came up with is #valzubiriagenda. Learn the basic #valzubiriagenda here.

Be reminded that I am not legally liable for everyone else's claims.

There are a few reasons I am letting everyone use my name.

If I use another term, then it sends a message that even I don't feel confident in this idea. I am also endorsing my own self as an artist and writer. This is the way I can let everyone know that I fully believe in this, I can be trusted to deliver, and I will stick to all the pointers of the #valzubiriagenda. Everyone else is free to pick and choose what they will incorporate for themselves. Being that I came up with this idea, I feel responsible to hopefully make some money soon, because I've looked at warehouses nearby, I can begin helping other nearby artists and writers by providing a large enough space and a few new computers with the correct software. If I and my collaborators make a good start, many more will follow suit.

Adding Prices & Dimensions to Your Art

If you want to include prices and dimensions in your art pieces, please use the description text area for now. I will work on more text areas for the prices, dimensions and others in the future. I'm just working on getting in touch with early bird investors for all of us for now. The future options will help future searches.

Adding Addresses and Exact Details

If you decide to share your address and exact contact information, including your phone number and email address, you can include that in any of the 4 text areas that are editable on your profile page. You can also decide to propose your future prices and quantities in those text areas, there is a new text area where you can type in 5,000 characters.

Google Maps Coming Soon

I will eventually include Google Maps and the cities of your countries, these will take a while to do. I have this saying that plays in my head: Even a janitor's closet can display and sell art. I have noticed that some of my favorite cafes and bakeshops just recently closed. I still have some friends who operate their own cafes, and they should be places where people can find and CHASE art that has agreed to the #valzubiriagenda. In the 90s, I collected and chased after trading cards. I also used to collect comic books, which I hope to do again. I am constantly wondering how to duplicate that "high" for investors and collectors. The walls of the cafes, restaurants, law offices, vacant storefronts, and even janitor's closets and homes can have art from $1 to $100,000,000 that people can chase.

Collaboration Rules and Standards

Since you're reading this, I also want to remind everyone that there are no set standards for collaboration. If a writer requires an artist to barter a hundred art pieces for writing services, then it is up to both parties to agree. This website is about everyone profiting from art. Similarly, there are no standards for sharing the wealth. Some who sell might not even say thanks, nor announce any sales. I put in the option to see the referral grow because I personally would not mind sharing earnings. Whatever works.

If you find writers, editors, book designers, graphics designers, etc., who are willing to work with you, whether you are an artist, investor or art collector, you can look into Google Drive, where you can give permissions on who can upload, photoedit your work, edit your writings, write for you, etc. I have worked with someone in Cambodia in the past, and we went back and forth on Google Drive for a couple of his books. Make sure that the images you share will meet publishing and printing standards for physical books. Ebooks have smaller requirements for resolution.

Working with Large Image Files and Book Documents

This site still does not have the capacity to accept images that have the size and resolution for printed books, I will in the future as soon as I can finance it myself. I'm still obviously asking for people to donate on Patreon. As of this writing it is at $0.

This website will always be a work in progress. Don't think you will wait for this site to become fully functional before you join, because by then, there will be people who are already collaborating with each other.

Referral System

The referral system will be improved. Know that the referral tree is dependent on the order people registered. People, including myself, AND the database and database tables, remember who joined on the basis of believing in an idea, versus people who later joined on the basis of finally deciding that they don't want to be left behind. We human beings know when to be grateful and generous.

Some Artists would Not be Cooperative nor Interested

This site may not be for everyone for a lot of reasons. Some artists don't want to get in touch with galleries, etc. I'm taking some of the "mystery" and "unpredictability" out of artists because I hope that by helping investors, the world economy would improve. Some don't want to write books or collaborate with writers and book designers. The premise for all this is that people should write AND publish books to make themselves attractive to investors. Then they should also take a few more steps forward. I have had this idea for decades. I had to keep a little of my sanity by recovering every once in a while. Writing about one's past is a depressing endeavor. The relief and redemption only comes later. It took me years to write my first book and a few more to get over my fear of presenting it to the public. Of course the same is a given for art.

You Really Should Publish Yourself or You Might Get Left Out

You must also see what I have envisioned - the reason why you must publish your books. IF this takes off, cafes will feature #valzubiriagenda in their windows. This means that they have an artist who is willing to publish, or who has announced scarcity or a schedule of pricing (remember everyone picks and chooses what they will do). This is a reason for people to come in to the cafe. If you are the cafe or the artist, you will have a reception for the artist, as soon as you have enough works from one or more of you and your artist friends to publish one art book. If your local bookstores have enough artist, investor and art collector books to support, I also envision receptions and regular gatherings celebrating the local talents and efforts, which will also include the local book designers, writers, proofreaders, editors, referrers, investors and collectors.

Videos on How to Produce Books Coming Soon

Printed books only need two pdf files - a full-color one for the cover, and a black and white interior for memoirs without colored pictures, or a full-color interior for memoirs with colored pictures and art books. There are different formats for ebooks - epub, mobi, pdf, doc, and others. Each is its own work. This is why printed books are easier to make. People have this notion that just because ebooks are cheaper, they are easier to make. Ebooks also need the programmer to use several software. For ebooks, you might need to go back and forth between Sigil, Calibre and an HTML program, aside from using photoediting software like Photoshop and illustration software like Adobe Illustrator.

Support Rewarding Others and Sharing the W

Videos on How to Write Coming Soon

I will make videos on how to write. I will post them on YouTube and you can watch them there or here.


If I were an artist who sold $1000, I would think it would be fun to award people $10 each. If someone reaches $51,200,000 for an art piece, giving $1,000,000 or more would be nice.

Support the Really Affordable Would-Be Artists

I'm also hoping to help the poor and even the soon-to-be artists. Be on the lookout for really affordable art. So my premise is that if we have the time and resources to help a homeless person with his or her art, let us do so. There are countries that have been ravaged by war and destruction, that we should find a way to help artists in those areas thrive. Greece has artists, for example, the economy could use an influx of money from art. Greeks outside of Greece alone could make a difference. Art is global!

Only Approach Artists Who Want to Participate

I once met an artist who did not want to collaborate nor show his works with others. He eventually participated in that group show, even though he still thought he was better than the rest of us. He wasn't vocal about it, he just told me so and no one else. I still respect him and his choices and opinions. It took me years to get to how I think about art today.

I also met this artist who said he had a substantial collection of essays about his thoughts. I told him I would like to see his writings and see if there is a book in there waiting to be published. He said no. He said they were "secret writings, for his own therapy." Learn to move on to the next artist.

Self-Publishing is Now Available for Everybody

It is nobody's fault that everyone can now self-publish. If it isn't available in your own country, then ask a relative or friend in another country to help you out.

I once went to a now-defunct bookstore chain. I saw a book that showcased 50 artists. Each person was given a two- to four-page spread. I'm sure that thousands of artists felt that they should also have been included in that book.

Support One Another

Once again, we are hoping to get in touch with each other, from the newbies to the experts, from the poorest to the most financially stable. Let us empower each other, do our best to make art profitable while respecting everyone and giving everyone space.

We're evening out the playing field, so that art in a janitor's closet just might become as collectible as those in the most expensive galleries.

Have Provisions for Change of Plans

Remember that your future plans can change. Offer acceptable plans.