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Individual Investors: Some Ideas

Sorry for any errors on the tips & how to pages. I'm doing this fast.

Focus on $51,200,000

As I have been promoting, because art is unregulated, an artist can announce an exponentially increasing pricing schedule. Here is an example: $100,000 > $200,000 > $400,000 > $800,000 > $1,600,000 > $3,200,000 > $6,400,000 > $12,800,000 > $25,600,000 > $51,200,000. As you can see, $51,200,000 can be reached in just ten steps.

The current value is based on the artist's official asking price, or the highest price another investor or art collector paid to a reseller. You can resell work for a hundred million dollars and that can be the price everyone else can base their buzz on. Then tell them you resold the art to your senile grandmother. I'm kidding. Don't forget there was an artist who got high praises because his work was bought by a secret buyer who later turned out to be him.

This is where we do our best to be honest. More people and publishing books will be involved.

It's like trading cards

I've been influenced by collecting comic books and trading cards. I admit that there is a degree of high and addiction to collecting here. There is more to the dynamic. There should be enough of the items circulating. The quality of the first should be comparable to the quality of the last one. There should be a degree of uniformity. With trading cards, you buy them in sealed opaque packs. You know that if you've seen one, you can trust the source that the future ones have similar quality.

With art, if you trust the artist, you can trade the contracts sooner. The art gets delivered later, as they get finished.

In order to reach the higher prices, you can snowball the demand for the same artists that you are collecting by encouraging your friends, your colleagues and your companies to acquire the same artists, as soon as you have placed yourself in the artists' reservation cues.

Remember that some art can be finished faster than others. There are also foundries that produce the finished works based on a scanned artist's prototype or a 3D computer design. Some artists also have assistants who do the actual work. I'm telling you this, in case you're worried that the artist might die unexpectedly.

Why everyone including investors should publish books

There is a principle of leadership, marketing and branding called "triangulation." A triangle, made up of three points, is perceived to be more stable than a line, which is made up of two points. When you add an added attraction to a mix, you are triangulating. Authoring books help people become perceived as more valuable in their field.

For example, if your company has a convention for its salespeople, it would prefer to hire a public speaker who is also an author of a book as opposed to someone who does not have a book written. A better of two triangles would be hiring an author of a book on generating sales as opposed to someone who has authored a leadership book.

I figured an artist should have a memoir, written from an artist's perspective and publish art books, in order to entice collectors to collect him. Because some art can be faked, investors would also appreciate it if all the artists' works are documented in art books. 300 years from now, resellers can continue to entice the next investor if the art is included in the art books and if there are memoirs and other books about the artist.

I'm also encouraging investors to publish their own memoirs, biographies, essays and art books, all in book form. The reason for this is that once the artist dies, the heirs can get into lawsuits, stopping the circulation of the artist's books. It will be good for the art and future investors if they can continue to repeat the images in more and more books. An investor with a $50 art piece should have the opportunity to publish it with a $50 million dollar collection. The association can increase the value of the $50 art.

Remember that publishing books are different from writing books. Everyone can barter or pay writers and ghost writers to write the books for them. This is why I'm also inviting writers, editors, proofreaders, book designers and photographers to get involved.

Self-publishing is now possible for everyone. This is why I also welcome the poorest, homeless artists, and even would-be artists. Anyone can simultaneously have 5 writers writing to simultaneously produce 5 books. Anyone can publish two books from one draft: The first release can be the "Artist's Unedited Draft" and the next one can be the "Artist's Edited Final Version." The mistakes might be more valuable to students of art and writing 300 years from now. Knowing that Rembrandt kept mispelling "vacation" and that he was pied in the face can be an added dimensions to what we already know about him. An art piece that went through 5 investors who each have a memoir can be something else 300 years from now.

I also tell people that a would-be artist who just tore up paper, but who went through the trouble of publishing a memoir and publishing each piece in an art book adds dimension to the work. You're the investor, you might find the work interesting.

Can you use this for your financial statements?

The potential revenue for art is the difference between the current asking price or the highest price reached for a similar work by the artist less the cost of acquisition. If the current asking price is $51,200,000 and the cost of acquisition is $100,000, then the difference, $51,100,000 is the potential revenue, which might help your company borrow money from a bank.

I believe that banks and other financial institutions will find ways to represent this to help speed up the exchange of money and art. The sooner everyone accepts this practice, the sooner they can help their companies. We can't really tell if an economic bubble will form, because the art pieces will find their way to the art collectors, who do not always find the need to recirculate the art. The artists will also have a limit to the number of works they will produce.

Bernie Madoff almost did not go to jail

It was around 2009 when I learned that Madoff promised his investors a total of $65 billion dollars in revenue. If Madoff contracted with an artist who made 1,600 works, starting at $100,000 for the first 160 works, following the doubling prices, Madoff would have made $65 billion dollars from 1,440 works as soon as that artist officially priced the 1,441st work at $51,200,000. As you can see, the last 160 works at $51,200,000 do not even need to be sold yet.

All he needed was one artist, an empty office, 6 salespeople and his confidential Rolodex of contacts. The problem then, 2008, was I had not promoted the idea yet. I finished my first full-length manuscript in 2006, wrote Dollman the Musical in 2012, then released 3 more memoirs in 2014. My proposal now is that having self-published four memoirs, I want to make my relatively slow art, with the promise that I will include all the art in art books.

If you need to profit so your investors, your company and yourself would be in the black, and so no one goes to jail, look into #valzubiriagenda. You can do this while you continue doing your usual real, serious business. Find your artists, form your groups and produce books while transfering ownership to future fellow investors and art collectors.

Lead your group

If you have a meeting room at your office or cafe, you can offer to host the meetings. You can offer regular meetings on one day and then offer closed meetings, inviting only the ones you will qualify to get involved with.

If you can afford the time and effort, you can balance helping the needier ones with the ones you fully qualify to help. Sometimes the needier ones have more outrageous stories to offer their writers, assuming they cannot write on their own.

Know when to say no.

You will meet artists who claim to be able to make art but could not. Don't just outright reject a would-be artist. You will discover that some artists might not make really good-looking art, but their essays might stand out.

You will also meet people who claim to be writers and able to help you and artists write book-length works. Ask for a sample before they claim you've wasted their time.

You might like someone's works, but if they say no to some of your conditions, then you may need to reconsider partnering with them. You might want to devote your time and energy on someone else.

Snowball your artists

Find a way to get to the next price as soon as you can.

Invest only what you can afford using money you can afford to lose

Self-publishing evens out the playing field. If you help publish a homeless artist, you can start with low-priced art that can still compete with million dollar art.

You can resell at a discount

If your cost of acquisiton was $100, and the current asking price is $800, you can sell what you have for $600. You've made your profit. The next investor can still make a profit at the current price or wait for the next price point and make even more while also offering a discount to the next investor.