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Upload Your Images

Attention. I'm only supporting three formats: 1. PNG, 2. JPEG OR JPG 3. GIF. Other formats (svg, bmp, gd, gd2, xbm, xpm, etc.) will not be uploaded.

Upload the following pictures: 1. Your art, 2. Banner 3. Profile (square picture) and 4. Personal/event/social pics.

Upload regular sized pictures from your regular smart phones or cameras and this website will resize them to a standard size. This current website will not hold high resulution images that are suitable for publishing books.

Upload your pictures and classify them after the upload. You will have options to classify the pictures (art, event, banner or profile), rank the pictures, delete and add captions to all your pictures.

Profile pictures should be as square as possible. Banners should be 1200px x 200px at 72pixels per inch.

Please note: All pictures you upload will be reduced to web page quality (72ppi/pixels per inch). None will be publication quality (300 dpi/dots per inch). This site is not (yet) a repository for publication.

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Method 1: Upload One Image File
Add a description now

Method 2: Upload Multiple Images
Classify, add descriptions & captions later. Limit of 20 images per upload.

Method 3: Upload Your Banner
Your banner should be close to 1200px x 200px. The program will your large file to a width of 1200px, but you won't be able to position your picture so make your picture as close to 1200px x 200px as possible.

Method 4: Upload Your Profile Picture
Your profile picture will sit on the left side of your profile page in the banner area. It should be a square that is at least 200x x 200px. This website resize your profile picture to 200 x 200 if it is bigger.