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More Info

Check out how a bar graph would look like using the "#ValZubiriAgenda" ("#VZAgenda")

Click here for the Estimates Page.


I'm going to make more videos as we go along.

1. How to Write and How to Write Memoirs. I can be graphic about this. You have to become aware that the moment you want to write a book-leng manuscript about yourself, you will have relatives and friends who will attempt to derail you with bad remarks. Even your most alcoholic friends and relatives will think they are bigger than you are. I finished my books and the books I made for others by listening only to myself. Of course, I kept my flame alive by attending book conventions and meeting people who have made it and are bigger than I am. Listen only to yourself and to people who are bigger than you are, who will tell you that things can be done and goals can be achieved. Learn to keep secrets from people you know will melt as soon as you accomplish something they wish they had.

2. How to Self-Publish. There are software for making books and editing your images. There are requirements for printing and making ebooks. Before you know it, you'll become an expert.


My Wish List

The reason I hope to succeed is that I wish to help others get their art and books done. I'm programming web pages to help people meet each other. I hope I personally get a big financial company soon, so I can get started on my art at a space which will also become a center that others, both for art and writing, can use.


My Bernie Madoff Numbers

I'm writing an analysis of how Madoff could have used just one artist to make the $65 billion dollars his investors were expecting from him.


The List of Available Artists, Bankers and Everyone in Between. Still being programmed.

The initial hurdle was the registration page. After the registration page, I am currently programming the individual members' profile page which will allow you to add more information, create local events, and message one another.