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The first 5 are required. The rest is optional, but the more comprehensive your answer, the more you will be preferred by everyone. After registering successfully, check your email and click the link provided in the email so you can have a confirmed email status. If this form tells you that your username or email is already registered, you just need to login or go to the "Forgot password" section. We will resend you a forgot password / email confirmation again. You can update your answers to the questions below in the update page. You will have your own profile, message management and local meetup pages which you can tweak (coming in May) and you will be emailed as soon as that is ready. Remember we are listing ourselves free of commitments now as part of this "Early Bird Wait And See If This Works Phase." Please note that the Password is visible so be careful when filling up this form in public. Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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List some of the categories of artist groups that you can belong to. Examples are Cancer victims, Dog lovers, Cat lovers, Veteran, LGBTQ, Drag queen, Underaged artists, Artists over 60 years old, Artists over 80 years old, Homeless art, Street artists, Artists from a country, Artists from a city, UFO abductees, Paranormal, New Age, Gothic, Air brush, Watercolor, Religious, etc.
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This is an "informal" referral system. Some artists and investors and resellers might entertain referral commissions, so we should entertain that as early as now.
Who referred you? You can mention more than one, email, alias, username or real name, followed by a comma. You can update this later. You can list those who have not registered

Whom do you have in mind? You might have a list of subscribers from your online presence, a list of investment contacts, or you might be maintaining subscribers from your business newsletter. You can list names of people you will refer now or later. This serves as a heads up that you are working on these people. You still have to encourage them to register and join on their own. They might become your partners for snowballing the demand for an artist. These people or companies still have to confirm that you referred them. This is why we are entertaining the possibility that up to 5 individuals or companies may have been instrumental in them finally joining. This might help clarify disputes in the future but remember that this referral system is not an exact science. The artists and resellers of art have the option not to give commissions. Follow the examples below. List everyone by full name, alias, username or email address, each one must be followed by a comma.