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Val Zubiri

Sorry for any errors on the tips & how to pages. I'm doing this fast.

Before you advance

I'm setting a precedent here. Other artists, investors, art collectors and all collaborators will follow (or not) follow my lead. I know even I almost cannot believe what I'm getting into, so please forgive me if all this gets on your nerves or you get a heart attack. I'm sharing this with the public, not friends and relatives. The success of all this will depend on investors and art collectors whom I don't know yet.

You and others will determine if there will be a demand for my art, and if the demand is snowballed or slowed down. This isn't making me nervous anymore, because I'm ready to deliver. At the very least, this is a social experiment, and I'm looking forward to writing a memoir based on this.

Another major preoccupation I have is getting other artists to follow my lead, and for investors and art collectors to be encouraged to invest and collect the works of others in all countries. I plan to give tips on writing and publishing and make enough income myself to rent a big art space so I can share the space with other artists and collaborators, including the poorer artists and unemployed collaborators who want to profit from art, at no cost to them. I also hope to get a few computers with the right software and storage to help us produce our books.

You have two ways to invest here

If you want to invest in me, you can email me at valzubiri@gmail.com

If you want to discover other artists and collaborators and let everyone else know that you are interested in their art or working with people, especially in your country or community, you can register.

Why I call this the "wait and see period"

Based on the feedback I have received from possible investors, if I'm pricing myself high, and I want others to follow suit, I should invite people first, let them know that everyone else is invited, and get a lot of people to "wait and see" without commitments. Most of whom I talked to want to find out first, if everyone else wants in.

Everyone with lower price ranges and budgets can go ahead form collaborative and investment groups. If you have your own contacts, you can work on this now. All this is a business, so you can elect to keep your own contacts confidential.

I'm also still in the process of adding more and more useful features on this website. I'm just taking a break to see if the message I'm spreading is enough to get people to start emailing me, registering or forming their own groups.

My goal and those of my investors: Reach $51,200,000 per art piece

Net Potential Revenue = $51,100,000. Current Cost of Acquisition: $100,000. The investor/reseller can offer discounts or price adjustments to the next investor/art collector.

My proposed current price is: $100,000 per art piece for the first 200 pieces. To be honest, no one has committed advanced payments nor reservations as of this writing, so I reserve the right to change my price to a most probably lower price.

Then the next price will double to $200,000 for the next 200. Then $400,000 for the next 200. The next prices will be $800,000, $1,600,000, $3,200,000, $6,400,000, $12,800,000, $25,600,000, and $51,200,000. The final asking price will be $51,200,000 for the last 200 pieces. I plan to stop producing art after this, but be available to repair past works. I will abide by all this as soon as the first 200 works have been commissioned or paid in part or in full.

There is a big bank and a desperate retirement fund I want to help

I am hoping to help at least one financial company and at least one retirement fund. However, I believe the #valzubiriagenda marketing approach will work best if separate individual investors and art collectors also have a vested interest in the same artist, so I also encourage individual investors to reserve free of any obligations, right now, while no one has paid or advanced me anything. No one is required to make an advanced payment until a substantial commitment is made by a company or individual. I will email everyone of my progress and a proposed future set of conditions later

I propose 200 pieces per price point, increasing exponentially, for a total of 2,000 pieces. I will stop making my art after producing 2000 because it is my hope that financial companies, investors and art collectors can trade what I had already made. I offer absolutely no guarantees that the top price and all 2,000 will be sold.

Everyone is welcome to reserve without any deposit until someone with a substantial reservation, makes the decision to fully commit. If that happens, everyone will be notified of the move. I will let everyone who reserved know by email, relevant developments, so they can decide their next move. Everyone who has not financially committed is allowed to back out. Everyone is allowed to offer discounts, follow my current value, or overprice, but I can only vouch for those who have already fully paid in advance.

My fine art: porcelain dolls in a diorama

My proposed art: 12" x 12" dioramas of 1 to 4 10"-13" posable porcelain dolls, costumed, in a setting decorated with glass, ceramic, gemstones, precious metal plates and others, protected by glass, as appropriated by the artist. No finished art work will be a duplicate of another. Each art piece will be included in at least one art book. You will have to be agreeable with this description because I cannot offer any exact details at the moment.

My dolls are posable, with more than 10 porcelain pieces from the head to the feet, pulled into each other by spring wire. The costume will be mostl fabric and metal. Real hair will be used. The fabrics may fade, so please avoid direct and constant exposure to sunlight and other dangerous light sources.

Damaged hands will be repaired. Costumes may be replaced with a different one.

Can you trade / resell the art commission/contract prior to delivery?

I will post online the progress of every 10-100 works, together with a percentage of completion, and who currently will be the owner or recipient of the work. As long as it is legal in the local territory or country, the owners of the agreement (art commission) can trade the agreement. It will be up to the buyer to decide and agree to the conditions of the seller. I cannot guarantee completion of the work due to unforeseen circumstances. I am guaranteeing that my art studio will have art assistants who will assist me based on my requirements, so they may be able to deliver in case I suffer an unforeseen condition. The highest amount of refund I can offer will be the amount paid to me less 10%. I am not responsible for transactions made by the reseller.

Do you almost agree that the art is inconsequential?

I must admit that it occurred to me years ago that if you need money for your company, or to save your company from bankruptcy, or yourself from becoming the next Bernie, you would almost grab at any opportunity for fast money. I believe that art is the answer to your problem. You can buy for a dollar and resell for a million dollars.

I was thinking that even the simplest art from any artist can be used for this purpose. I can paint and draw faster than making the dolls, but if I did that, I might also attract a lot more critics. This is why I chose to make the dolls. You might think it's a feminine art piece, but I'm hoping that by the time you see the gemstones and precious metals, and by the time you have a party, and everyone wants to look at the art, you will know that it has gotten past the realm of being feminine to the realm of being desirable, collectible and worth stealing.

I will be happy making my "version" of Faberge eggs

I have a frustration with Faberge eggs, I used to imagine making the next set of collectibles, and the dolls/dioramas are what I have come up with. I figured, if the real Faberge eggs have sold for $50,000,000, then I can at least aspire to get to that amount.

The dolls are attractive and can even become a staged musical show

I have been volunteering in theatre, on the production side, since the early 90s. This is why I wrote Dollman the Musical, A Memoir of an Artist as a Dollmaker in the form of a script for a staged musical. I thought it would be good to see Dollman the Musical on Broadway or the West End, to help all the investors trade my art. Maybe it would even help if I won a few Tony Awards for the show.

I have been noticed by a Hollywood company, but my work was initially intended for the stage and it is for a mature audience. The story is about traumatic childhood experiences. You can read the book, know about the story and see if there's a potential stage show in it. I will also come out with a more full-length book related to the dolls.

You might also want to research on the psychology of dolls and teddy bears and why we react positively to them. We as infants and children are hard-wired to be naturally attracted and trusting of symmetrical, beautiful faces. As adults, symmetrical, beautiful faces signal to us a healthy possible spouse. The symmetrical faces of babies signal to us the instinct to take care of them.

Do you plan to include my works in your publications?

I am guaranteeing to publish the art that investors and art collectors obtain from me in at least one book.

I also reserve the right to participate in group art books.

Upon the request of the immediate investor or art collector, for as long as he or she or the company owns the work, I may not allow others to publish the works beyond my own publications.

I am allowing everyone, to publish my works in non-commercial projects that are acceptable, non-religious, non-political, non-violent, non-provocative, and will not add to jeopardize my public image. If you want to include my works in a commercial project, I must be agreeable and properly compensated. The images can go into public domain only after my death and as allowed by the laws in your country.

My art takes time, but all the pieces will be included in art books, in book form, as they get finished.

My biggest concern

I have been telling people, we don't have to love one another, but we can use another word: concern. We just need to be concerned with one another.

If you are, for example, an investor, and you're losing money, then my concern is to get you in the black, and because art is what I know, then my question would be: How can my art directly help you? Generalizations of how can art, in general, help you isn't enough. I cannot spread this idea so other artists can incorporate it, I have to make myself the example. It is difficult to write memoirs, but this is part of the idea.

I am also concerned about the economies of communities and nations. Years ago, I read about Greece and Cyprus. Greece, for example, still cannot pay its IMF debt. I asked myself, how can my art help Greece, but my art isn't enough. If Greece finds a way to promote a few yet unknown artists, and directly make money from them, they can pay off some debts, if not all. There are artists there who can help.

I have talked to investors for their opinions, not commitments

My most recent exchange of ideas with a banker was with a vice president of a huge international bank. He said they too are pressured to produce money. They have millions of clients and thousands of employees, and they have families to support.

He reiterated the feedback that I had always been getting right from the start: Get a lot of people to do the same thing, and the financial systems will fall in place. He also said, the financial institutions already have a database of people and companies who can afford the bigger art prices. It's a matter of getting not everyone, but a good number of people on board.

What if this idea took off in 2008?

There are also people and busineess that have placed themselves in bad situations. Bernie Madoff will always be my classic example, because he got in the news while I was playing with my classic numbers ($100,000 to $51,200,000). If you get your pen, paper, and calculator, you can compute this: If an artist starts at $100,000 per art piece for the first 160 works, not even 200, if he or she keeps doubling the price of his or her works, the ninth iteration of the price will be $25,600,000 (for 160 works). The tenth price will be at $51,200,000. This tenth price, once reached, becomes the street value or asking price for all the works. There is actually no need to sell one at that price. It just needs to be the official current asking price.

The 1440 works sold from the first $100,000 to the last $25,600,000 art piece totals to $80 billion dollars. The total cost of acquisition is $15 billion dollars. The total potential revenue is the difference, which is $65 billion dollars. $65 billion dollars was the total amount of money Madoff promised his investors.

One single artist, an extra office, and a few good salespeople and marketing experts could have helped him. If he used two to four artists, made the revenue, and closed shop, he would not be in jail. This is why I believe all this is worth promoting, even if it did not succeed at all. The idea just needs to circulate and everyone can do all this anywhere in the world. There is no need for you nor all your other contemporaries to use me nor get in touch with me.

I want to help artists make money

My added concern is getting artists to make money for themselves. It's time people stop labeling people like us as starving and desperate. Everyone, including the homeless, should have a chance at making money from art. There is no ugly art in the eyes of God, and maybe #valzubiriagenda will elevate everyone's art to a more collectible, more profitable level.

I feel that in order to help people, I would need to raise enough money from reservations of my art. It would be good to have a studio the size of a warehouse, that other artists can also utilize. It would also be good to have computers with the right software that writers and book designers can use.

I have one friend who makes art for herself, but she keeps saying that she can't decide how to really pursue it. I have another friend who keeps saying she will write a memoir, but she's always in a stupor from a mixture of escapisms and excuses. Maybe if I accomplish a little more, they can be at the warehouse to be inspired a little more than now. Other artists can line up to slap my two friends silly and into tangible creativity.

Using #valzubiriagenda

It actually took me a while to looking at my name as part of a hashtag. I need to be known anyway. I figured that as a writer, mistakes and pratfalls are as good a story as success.

It also took me a while to look into convincing other artists to look into this set of ideas because I initially wanted to promote and use all this exclusively for myself. I wasn't being selfish. I proved to myself that writing memoirs was difficult. I thought it was a question of knowing the how-tos of writing, but it really was a question of keeping my mind intact while recalling my traumatic past. I was also struggling to write and make my art at the same time.

Making porcelain dolls and what I am currently proposing is a multi-step process. I had to learn to sculpt, make the molds, come up with a system to make the dolls. I bought a sewing machine and a serger for fabric work, and the boxes sat intact for close to two years before I opened them because I was still learning porcelain.

Through the years, I have talked to people, including financial professionals. Here is a concensus: Wait and see. We all want to make a positive move, but not the first move. Spending a substantial amount of money for art is no joke. There has to be a trend.

Now, I'm hoping to make everyone's life a little easier. I still have a list of functionalities that I have yet to program. I'm taking a short break to let a few key people know about the idea.

My current and future memoirs and art books

My art takes time so I don't have any current art book of doll art. I plan to include everything in future art books

I've been assuming that when it comes to my already written memoirs, that you can trust my writing. I should tell you a little self-sabotage on my part. I designed the cover for Dollman the Musical, and I'm very happy with it. I then intended for the other three memoirs to have an 80s self-published look. I did this in 2014 when I wasn't finished conceptualizing the #valzubiriagenda.

One of my close friends bought two books, Dollman and Hocus Pocus Lately. She now lives in California and used to be an English teacher. She knows about my art marketing idea, and about me encouraging artists, investors and art collectors to write their memoirs. She said I talk about all this as if it were easy to do and as if I take my ability to write for granted. Once again, the secret to a well-written book is to edit it at least 8 times. I'm not editing my webpages 8 times over.

Here are my current books in case you want to purchase them.

I'm really hoping Dollman the Musical gets staged

I think it would be rewarding for my collectors and investors if Dollman the Musical, A Memoir of an Artist as a Dollmaker, were staged while people are actively trading my art. I don't want to popularize the story right now. Two film companies noticed it but thought it was a little mature. I also wrote it for the stage, to interact with the audience. The story is also sad. A movie version will require a rewrite. Nevertheless, it's still an ego boost to be considered, because my phone rang at exactly 9 a.m. California time on a Monday. This meant I was the first to be tackled by the secretary. You can get a copy of Dollman the Musical here

Hocus Pocus Lately, A Paranormal Memoir

I was in college in 1985. I was pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biology, and I was no longer interested in pursuing medicine to become a physician. I approached my English teacher to give me a year to write the final project, which was a term paper. I chose the topic, psychic surgery, which was a phenomenon popular in the Philippines. I finished my other required classes, and finally tackled the term paper in 1986. I honestly witnessed genuine psychic surgery done, every Sunday, for four months. By then, I had been toying with the idea of pursuing writing, so I treated the topic seriously.

My book, Hocus Pocus Lately, A Paranormal Memoir of a Soon-To-Be Famous Anonymous Artist as a Reluctant Healer or Real Healing Lessons From a Psychic Surgeon & How You & I Can Do It Now includes the lessons that the psychic surgeon shared with me. They are Christian-based, but for years, I was not sure how I can incorporate the lessons in a book. Then my dad developed pancreatic cancer in 2013. I had to "force" myself look back into the healing lessons from the psychic surgeon. Hocus Pocus Lately includes the psychic surgeon experience and my dad's ailment, and related paranormal stories.

You can get a copy of Hocus Pocus Lately here

1-Hour Mentors

In the early to middle 80s, while in college for a bachelor of science degree in biology, I had the idea to become a writer. In the early 90s, I had a monthly column on the arts for a monthly free paper in Chicago. I discovered and started attending publishers and writers conventions in 1995. In 1996, I also got on television, print and radio for an HIV/AIDS awareness artistic statement.

By 1998, I came up with the idea of writing memoirs, but I wasn't sure what I could write about. One night, I had an epiphany. It occurred to me to become a masseur and see what interesting stories I can write from it. I met CEOs, chairmen of the board, actors, singers, writers, public speakers and many more who gave me inspiring talks while I gave them an hour's massage.

I started my first attempt to write a book-length memoir in 2005. I finished the first, unedited draft in 2006. It was in 2014 that I finalized 1-Hour Mentors, with life lessons and funny stories from my massage clients, the people who told me that if they can make it, so can I. In 2006, as soon as I typed the last chapter of that draft, I stopped being a masseur. "On to the next adventure," I told myself.

You can get a copy of Leadership Rubs: 1-Hour Mentors: A Memoir of an Artist as a Masseur here

Wonder: A Memoir

Wonder: A Memoir of Relative Importance of a Soon-To-Be Famous Anonymous Artist includes stories from my early childhood and a few chapters on my "earlier" artistic thoughts.

I intentionally made the covers of my three books look as if they were designed in the 80s. I plan to redesign the cover in 2018 to coincide with the release of a few more books.

You can get a copy of Hocus Pocus Lately here

Valentino Zubiri: Nude Drawings and Paintings from 1985-1986

This book is a collection of all my figure drawings and paintings from the years 1985 and 1986. This was my first attempt at publishing my art, in 2008. I felt it was important to include the ones with errors. I wanted to get used to the process of publishing, from photographing my works, to finally having a finished book out. I came out with an "internet edition," which had an acceptable resolution for computer monitors of that time. I immediately shared the internet edition on Scribd.com, in February 2008, because the site showed web traffic statistics. The file trended and became required reading material for figure drawing classes. It was an exercise on exposure. Nowadays, Scribd.com sells books and gives priority to the for sale ones. This free file has stopped showing up on the site's most popular list.

I still have all the files from the book. I almost got tempted to sell one work, but thank God she backed out. I had always wanted the collection to be intact, either for myself, or for one single collector in the future if the offer is right.