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Hocus Pocus Lately

Sorry for any errors on the tips & how to pages. I'm doing this fast.

How I wrote Hocus Pocus Lately

I somehow want to show you my timeline for Hocus Pocus Lately. It started in 1984, when I was in college. I was wondering if I should pursue medicine, because I was on my third year of a bachelor of science degree in biology, which is a premed course. I took a speed reading course, and it somehow made me "relatively" good writer. My writing assignments in both Filipino and English literature classes started getting read by my professors.

My last writing assignment before graduation was an English term paper. I wanted it to be an excuse for training myself to write a lengthy paper, so I asked the professor to give me an incomplete grade, so I can have a whole year of completing it. I chose to research and write about psychic surgery. It is the phenomenon where a person, the psychic healer or psychic surgeon, is able to open and close skin without any sharp instruments. People think this is hypnosis or fraud to fool people, but believe me when I say I was taught the technique, real psychic surgery happens, even now, in the Philippines, and I was with the healer every Sunday for four months, when he allowed me to stand right next to him as he did it on patients. His service started at 2pm, but it always ended past 8pm. Many people show up for "treatment." The weird thing about the Philippines then, as I reported in my term paper, was that it was claimed that 150 people can do it then, as opposed to only one in Brazil and another one in the USSR. In retrospect, I believe that the Brazilian reference book I used for my research referred to John of God whom Oprah Winfrey made famous.

I finished my term paper within two months, but I stayed on, because by the time I wrote the paper, I had decided not to pursue medicine. The healer had a group of followers, his teachings were Christian-based, and they were nice people anyway.

I hate to say this, but I got spooked

In the 70s, when I was in grade school, my family and my classmates were into the paranormal. Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Shroeder and Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken were bestselling paperbacks. My dad also made us aware that he, his dad and his cousins witnessed an apparition in the 60s on a remote but nearby island. These were the apparitions of Cabra Islet, and by sixth grade, my parents, my brother and I went to the islet, hoping to see something weird, and we did, and this was also part of my memoir.

So when I became a better writer after my speed reading seminar, it occurred to me to look into writing something similar to Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. Playing with how the letter P is pronounced, I toyed with the title, "Psychic Philippines." I toyed with the idea of having a book where each chapter will be about a Philippine-based paranormal topic, but I got spooked.

I was told something prophetic

People all over the world may say that psychic surgery is fake. I discovered that it can be faked, but I spent four months, for at four hours or more every Sunday with a genuine psychic surgeon.

On the last time that I was there, they had an election of officers. Once the group had settled, the healers and the officers gathered around a round table. It was late in the night. They turned all the lights of except the one by the table. The healer and the new officers gathered around the table standing up, while a lady sat down on a chair, with a bible on the table. She placed her hands on the bible, closed her eyes, supposedly went into a trance, opened her eyes again, and spoke individually to the officers and the healer gathered around the table. Then it got weird for me.

The lady craned her neck and to the direction of where stood. No one else was next to me. She stared at me and prophesied, that I was to disappear for a very long time, etc. She told me that whatever I will do, it will be the right thing to do. Then she closed her eyes, rested and then the trance was over. I was the only person who wasn't in the circle that she spoke to and at a length that was longer than those in the circle.

All this is in Hocus Pocus Lately. I got spooked and never returned. She was right. As for that part where she told me I will do something extraordinary, that part has yet to happen.

I always imagine "making a full circle"

When I write a full book, I always envision a circle. Each chapter and whatever I talk about is part of a full circle.

I couldn't write about anything paranormal because it didn't feel like the entries will make a full circle.

The full circle came in 2013, when my dad called to tell me he had pancreatic cancer.

Finally, I felt I had to get into the psychic healing lessons that the psychic surgeon taught me 27 years ago. I knew how difficult becoming a healer was, based on the instructions of the psychic surgeon, but I finally had to make sacrifices for my Dad.

Writing about your past, present and future

I already had some usable chapters from when I wrote my first full-length draft between 2005 and 2006. I knew my dad's progression will make the "full circle." I felt the best way to pay tribute to my dad was to start writing his story while it was happening. Knowing myself, the later the story gets written, the more vague it will get.

I'm talking about this to prepare you, if you plan to write, that writing is not just about the process. You have to ask yourself if you are ready to tackle your own sad stories. My dad knows I write, and I'd written a book-length draft. He knew I had written Dollman the Musical, but I told him the book was for the public, not for family members. He didn't know nor did he have to know that I started writing about him. Once again, years ago, I resolved not to show my writing to my relatives and most of my friends. So I have stories during my dad's sickness and after his death, which for me was the best way I can express my love for him.

My dad still passed away, but strange things happened. Through the years, I was able to show an ability to alleviate other people's pain. Other things had happened, and between 30 years ago and 2014, I was able to come up with a paranormal memoir. The good thing about writing the memoir is that it successfully tells the reader how the psychic surgeon does it, without being a how-to book that the FDA would have attacked.

Knowing when you have a book

Post publication, strange things still happened which means I am now open to developing the next paranormal memoir.

In 2015, I was interviewed by Richard Syrett, host of The Conspiracy Show. It is a paranormal and conspiracy show based in Canada, and is in syndication worldwide. I could have hustled to get more interviews in other shows, but my purpose, as usual, was to get my feet wet. I returned to my focus of conceptualizing #valzubiriagenda.

Had I thought that I should continue to write the first paranormal memoir, I would not have gone through experiencing a full hour's radio interview in 2015.

Some more of my strange stories

In the book, I dreamt about 9/11 on the eve of the event. I actually had two psychic events happen on that night. I woke up at exactly 3 am to discern shadow beings in my room, after which I dreamt about soldiers going into smoke, while civilians dressed in office attire were running out of the smoke. I stared at the smoke, wondering why it wasn't billowing, and realized it was dust suspended in midair. I said in the book that it would have been disrespectful to have told this story in 2001. When I became ultra religious in 2013 to catch up with my spirituality and visualize healing for my dad, I woke up to a being of light holding me by the shoulder. I have more stories, but as you can see, Hocus Pocus Lately, as a memoir, was in order.

Hocus Pocus Lately Part 2

Another really good tip on writing memoirs is to be open to writing a second book. By looking forward to the next book, you will always be on the lookout for stories.

I hope I can get you to making your art, writing and publishing your books and those of others. I believe I am up to something good. A lot of people online say that the economy is going to collapse. I am hoping that artists and investors make money through art. If you say it won't happen, I should tell you that I'm developing my second paranormal memoir. I'm still in paranormal prophetic mode. I don't think I'm totally normal.

Look up these topics. If you look at Brad Steiger's discussions in his book, Star People, and the characteristics of "indigo children," my traumatic, life-changing event when I was a child, was what I told in Dollman the Musical. My name is Val, and I joke that the world has been building the Arch of Baal in an attempt to smoke me out. If you look into the Rh-negative conspiracy theories, my ancestry is Basque. My last name, Zubiri, is actually not just a last name, but it is also the name of a Basque town. If you research on the Bible Code, using the St. James English version, you will find "Zubiri" and my name in Chronicles. Use Val, not Valentino. If you look at the online Gematria Calculator, which is the Jewish method of numerology, my name Val Zubiri adds up to nothing of importance, but "Val Zubir" without the second "i" adds up to 666. If you research the novel "Lord of the World," written in 1908, my name sounds like Felsenburg, one of the characters, if you are an European and you pronounce "V" as "F." Well, as I said, I'm just playing with my own weirdness and entertaining coming up with a second paranormal memoir. There is always a story, whether you fit into something or almost fit into it and whether you succeed or almost succeed.

I'm a religious Catholic, I don't mind doing the formulaic prayers. When it comes to psychic healing, my argument is that if you have an ailment, and you want a miraculous cure, you can't just say a prayer once a week. We have yet to prove faith, and turn it into fact, so if your doctor prescribes you a medication to take three times a day, your prayer for effective results would have to be more often than that. This is my argument about healing using the techniques of the psychic surgeon. They would work better if the sick come to him more than once a week. After my dad passed away, I used my possibly imagined, possibly true, but fully worthy of a memoir, psychic healing power on a friend who called me in 2014 who said she was dying of stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. We did the Catholic prayers and visualization exercises everyday, for a few months. She healed. I saw her in May 2015, around the time when her doctor told her to just visit her once a year for a check up because her cancer had gone. Of course she still did chemotherapy and watched her diet.

As you can see, as you become more and more into writing your own stories, you will become more and more sensitive to what happens around you. This is like the Law of Attraction, you will conveniently begin to encounter stories worth jotting down and eventually writing, even if the full circle for a book happens 30 years later.