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Some Psychic Healing Lessons from
Hocus Pocus Lately

Sorry for any errors on the tips & how to pages. I'm doing this fast.

The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, Toronto, Canada

I got myself interviewed on the radio in October 2015. It was Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show, based in Toronto, Canada, but syndicated internationally. 30 stations carry his show in the US. Richard is also an occasional host of the show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, on some of Mr. Noory's days off. Coast to Coast is based in the United States. I'm on the second half of the 2-hour show in the video above. I had hoped that Richard would ask me about my latest weirdness, but he was focused on knowing about the psychic surgeons in the Philippines. The time he had with me wasn't enough. I sent him copies of my books and a list of questions he could have asked, but I was happy just to be in the show. There's always a next time.

Who this page is for

This page is for "almost desperate" individuals, not for people who can leisurely think he or she will consider the "ideas" and beliefs on this page and still have the luxury of doing nothing about a personal, physical ailment that needs healing.

Here is an example. I have a friend who came up to me in 2012, saying, "Hey Val, I heard you can hypnotize people to get better." I said I can try. She then said, "That's good to know, I'll ask you to help me when I'm ready." I've seen my friend's health decline through the years. She didn't tell me directly, but she drank heavily that she was even actually banned from returning to a nearby bar who had employees she knew by name. She also did weed and used too many prescription drugs. Her health is still on the decline. I cannot force people to follow methods that even I personally claim to be unprovable.

Medicine versus psychic and faith healing

If you have cancer, and your doctor prescribed a series of medications and procedures, you should take the medicines and do the procedures exactly to the letter, as instructed. You must realize that science and medicine have been evolving and developing for 2,000 years, from the time of Christ. This is why we take our meds.

If you hear someone say, "I'll pray for you to get better," and you say thanks, do you believe that person's efforts will work? There are only a few acknowledged religious healers, including Christ, over two thousand years. You may just be getting lip service. Do you really believe the person who prays for you can actually heal you?

It is possible to pray for healing, in my belief, but in order for this to happen, you must pray more often than once.

God hears prayers, but you must pray more often to cure someone of cancer. Everyday, every hour, every minute, every moment.

Faith healing, psychic healing and psychic surgery

Here are quick definitions from the book. Faith healing happens when the healer claims that God is instrumental in healing. Prayer is involved and the healer may lay hands on the patient. Psychic healing is when the healer does not claim that God is involved. Psychic surgery happens when the healer is actually able to visibly open skin with just the wave of his hand, without the help of sharp instruments. Without the use of needles or anything but the wave of the hand, the healer is expected to also be able to miraculously close the wound that he or she produced.

When I did my research 30 years ago, it was claimed that Russia had one psychic surgeon, Brazil had another, and the Philippines had at least 150 psychic surgeons. I did my research because there supposedly were a few psychic surgeons near my home in Manila. A few years ago, Oprah Winfrey popularized a psychic surgeon from Brazil--John of God. He may be the anonymous person I mentioned in my research paper 30 years ago.

This was 30 years ago, so I cannot vouch for any psychic surgeon. I have laid hands on people, and they claim to have improved. I've also done long distance healing over the phone and Facebook's Messenger app. I wouldn't mind participating in an experiment, but because this is faith-based, proving this is difficult, but if you are sick, you can call me. I don't even fully promote myself as a healer. I would rather promote art and writing. Beware, because there are "fake healers" as well. They hope for the placebo effect to happen. The difference between faith and psychic healers and fake healers is basically, the intention--not a solid object like an apple, but a human concept.

Writing about psychic healing in memoir form

I was wondering about how to write about faith healing, psychic healing and psychic surgery without being criticized too much and targetted by doctors, scientists, religious people and people who believe they have it all figured out. I also have a bachelor of science degree in biology, so I do have a science background. A good number of my former schoolmates, who are still friends of mine, are now doctors.

Writing memoirs from an artist's perspective, for the most part, became my best excuse. The techniques would still be mentioned in the book, as part of the memoir. I would suggest that you read the memoir, Hocus Pocus Lately, even if you care only about the chapters on healing. Psychic healing or faith healing is not as black and white as science-based medicine. It is faith-based. It's a way of life, so you might want to know how I had to change my ways to effect some degree of healing.

My first suggestion

Read the book first. I'm still hoping to sell my art, so making some money from the book is far from my goal. Get the book and read it. Well, I haven't made a good art sale yet, so allow me to make some money from the book.

Should I convince you to read the book?

Okay, if I have to. The book, Hocus Pocus Lately, is about paranormal happenings in my life. I had a good number of events, that I finally was able to write a book with a good number of strange stories.

30 years ago, I asked my English teacher to give me a year to finish a term paper, because I wanted to become a writer, and I wanted the term paper to be a serious project. I wanted to write about psychic surgery.

I can tell you, right now, that I witnessed it happen over a span of four months. The healer had a Sunday service from 2pm to 7pm, and even past that. As long as there were "patients," he was there for them.

I like to talk about all this as if it were normal, but I seriously got spooked myself, so for all these decades, I had been wondering about how to present this in book form. If you now get spooked and attack me because this is not within your zone, I probably deserve it.

The healing technique that I have tweaked

This is my most important "tweak." The healer did his healing session once a week, because he also worked a regular job. The best that he can do was a weekly session. He told his patients, if he felt that they should, to return the next week for further "treatment."

My contention is this: to effect healing, and sooner, ask for healing every moment of the day and night. A healer should be next to the patient as continuously as possible. I thought this was any known healer's weak point.

Here too would be society'e weak point. The healer said anyone can do psychic healing, but people would have to be more religious and closer to God.

On the other hand, this may not be a weak point for the genuine psychic surgeon. The reason the psychic surgeons can recommend a weekly treatment, is because they are really strong healers, that they are able to physically, visibly manifest something supernatural.

To see is to believe

I'm talking about this as if I believe and you don't, and I can understand where you're coming from. What I saw was real, and if you haven't seen it happen, you would not totally believe it. It's like a friend who tells you about a movie your friend saw. You're only getting second hand information until you see the movie yourself.

Faith becomes fact

Imagine a hospital weighing scale where the balancing bar with the metal weight is in front of you. One end of the bar would be fact, and another end would be faith. Based on what I witnessed, some elements of faith, not all, became closer to fact. I still also claim that nothing can be proven, and I still have my own theories about these things, so the best I had been able to do was to write a memoir, which allowed me to include theories and subjective thoughts mixed with my personal experiences.

All this is about faith in God and Christ. The healer I encountered was Christian. I'm also Catholic. Some non-Catholic Christians don't totally agree with some Catholic practices. I'm not one to convince or convert people, but I've experienced paranormal events, and I've even written about them, so all I can say is, what I'm up to is what I'm up to. I don't expect people to pick and choose my set of beliefs for themselves and still expect 100% results. In the end, I'm still just telling stories and my goal is to entertain.

What I suggest you avoid

Avoid praying only when you become desperate or close to dying. If you get a splinter or a paper cut, tell God it hurts. If you're eating cheesecake, tell God it is good and thank Him for it.

Pray now, communicate with God and do it as often as you can. Do healing visualizations as often as you can as well, if you want to become a healer.

In 2013, my dad called me to tell me he had pancreatic cancer. I was in Chicago, so the best I can do was get back into the techniques of the psychic surgeon / psychic healer from years ago and take it more seriously. This was bad on my part. I asked God for miraculous healing, becoming more religious, out of desperation.

I may have "leveled up," and had begun to experience paranormal events. The healer warned me about this. The signs were mostly from God. My dad still passed away, but I had become religious enough that it was okay.

I then had a friend with stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma who called me a few months after my dad passed on. I had become more serious about psychic healing. We did the healing techniques. She completely healed.

Even if non-traditional healing were more about mental and psychic skills, and not even spiritual, I came to the conclusion that the mental and/or psychic states or skills have to be constantly exercised to become stronger.

More faith becomes fact

Here are two reasons why my friend and her husband allowed me to do the healing sessions with them daily.

First, I wrote a book about healing. Books give the authors a huge degree of credibility. A motivational speaker who is also a published author on his subject is usually preferred over another motivational speaker who hasn't written a book. I did not feel then any sense of urgency to promote anything.

Second, my friend, when we finally met and she was completely free of cancer according to her doctor, also said that on the night when we first prayed and did the visualizations, she was already stage 4. The lower part of one of her lungs had already collapsed and she had been constantly coughing for at least two months. Her coughing stopped that night, and she was able to sleep soundly for the first time in months. This to her and her husband was enough proof to continue what I had suggested to do.

While my dad was still alive, on a few nights, I was fully awake in bed when my body started to vibrate from my feet and hands to my head. I was calm on the first incident, thinking maybe the Holy Spirit was visiting, because I had been overly religious. On the second incident, I turned to my right, experimenting, thinking I would enjoy a back massage. I was almost on my stomach when I felt a hand hold my left shoulder, attempting to turn me back over. I turned to see a being of light holding me. The being looked like television static, what you can see in between channels. The vibration happened a few more times. In the book, I still entertained the possibility that the being may still have a scientific explanation.

You'll read a few more strangeness in the book.

You won't be able to help everyone

As I have suggested, if you need to pray for healing, you need to do it more often than the three times a day medication your doctor prescribed.

When a person is sick, you will get the feeling that you should do the sessions as often as hourly. Multiply that by the number of people you can help. I volunteered to help my friend, sacrificing work. I stopped working full-time when my dad died. I continued not to work full-time when my friend called me. I believed, and I still do, that God sent me to her to effect healing. Meanwhile, there could have been others whom I could have helped, but all this is time-consuming, and energy-draining.

Here is something I learned volunteering in theatre groups as part of the graphic design committee. The more volunteers, the slower the result. I was later able to monopolize making a few posters. The end product was better and faster. With healing sessions, I needed to wait for the patient and usually someone else next to the patient to all be fully free for at least an hour, and this went on daily, and for months.

Get ready to be insulted

For me, pratfalls are part of being able to help people in an unprovable way. You won't have the respect people have for doctors. If Christ himself was tortured and crucified, why would you expect better treatment? I actually welcome good and bad outcomes, because I'm a memoirist. Everything, good or bad, triumphs and failures are part of storytelling.

You will notice envy and jealousy in people. They will have ways of attempting to weaken your claim, and weakening your faith. Once you get better at healing, and once you've experienced strange events, you'll laugh this and other negative things off.

Some people will tell you of their sick relative or friend. When you decide to volunteer to see the sick individual, they will avoid having you meet their sick contact, even though they keep updating you of the sick person's declining condition. Sometimes, but not often, they have something to gain from the sick person's ailment or death. Don't worry about these people. Move on.

Some sick people will tell you they had sought treatment in faraway places, and had paid a lot of money to specialists. Then they have you over and give you a few dollars.

I have encountered people with cancer who were already old to begin with. As I fervently and seriously prayed with them, as part of the prayer, I asked them how many more years of a good, healthy life would they like for God to grant them so we can focus on a definite number of years. I have heard sick people ask for not just a few years more, but 50 to 70 years more. What they don't realize, and I can't really correct and educate the sick and dying, not while praying, is that God can also be a jokester. Ask for enough and what is normal. He might put you in a glass jar attached to a respirator.

I have a friend who really isn't smart to begin with. He told me his mother had cancer. I told him to pray and pray often. Ask God for healing. I also told him to have his sister pick me up so I can pray over his mom. He gave me so many excuses about conflicting schedules, bad traffic and how his sister and him never agree on anything. I told him to show his sister my book. His mom died and I never saw her. Nowadays, he tells people his mom had cancer and he prayed to God for healing, but his mom still died because his prayers "didn't work."

I once made a priest's headache disappear. He was astonished for a while. Then he concluded that what I did was of the devil. I asked why. He said a very selfish, envious statement. He said that as a priest, he should be the one to have healing powers. Of course, I mentioned this in my book. Duh.

Tell the new patient not to pray when you pray

First of all, any new "patient" will test your ability. If you instruct them to pray with you, they will credit themselves for the healing. Tell them to empty their minds. Tell them that all you need from them is an affirmation. You need to hear them say "Yes, I want to heal," and that's it. Tell them that it will be you faith, and not theirs, that will effect healing.

I have encountered people who, after a strenuous silent visualization and prayer session on my part, would later tell me that as I did what I did, they too envisioned healing and prayed for healing. The problem I had with this was, prior to my being with these people, they were not religious at all.

I usually get into a mindset where I viewed God as a person who is next to me and can hear my mental, silent voice, and this is how I get results. If I were God, and someone who is sick finally prayed because someone else was there praying as well, and there really was no time lost--the person really did not invest any alone time, I don't know what I would do, but it would not be pleasant.

Prepare to sacrifice a lot

I'm not a saint. I've returned to my normal ways. I have not been praying as much as I did when my dad was sick. I get the feeling that my healing ability and connection with God have weakened somewhat.

I made sacrifices around the time when my dad was sick, and that was 2013. Before that, I had also made other people's physical pain go away. Some of them are in the book, Hocus Pocus Lately.

I went to church daily, and there were times when I went twice and three times. I also prayed some formulaic Catholic prayers that I eventually memorized. When I walked or when I was on the train or the bus, I used my fingers to count the Hail Mary's when saying the rosary.

Lately, I haven't been going to church as much.

I don't recommend slowing down like me.

The person should say "Yes, I want to heal"

I believe that hypnosis plays a part in faith and psychic healing. I semi-immersed myself in learning hypnotic principles around 2009 to 2012, so by 2013, I was incorporating hypnotic principles in healing.

Even if you still don't consider yourself to be a healer, you can do this:

"Prep" or tell your patient, in advance, that what you will be doing uses principles of hypnosis. Tell the patient that you need to hear an affirmation. The patient should declare, "Yes, I want to be healed."

The patient should still follow doctor's orders and research

The patient should still take care of himself or herself. If the doctor says to use chemotherapy or radiotherapy, then so be it. If a diabetic prays for complete healing, then avoid the foods that need to be avoided.

There was someone I knew, we prayed for healing. He was obese, diabetic and had cancer. He complained about how bland the hospital food was. He ordered pizza every once in a while. I would not stop him from eating that. He should had known better. This will be another story for a future memoir. He still passed away, but he sent me some signs. I'm sure he went to heaven.